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Reviews Fuel Business, We Fuel Reviews

You may be wondering how to get more reviews. It really is more simple than you think. First you have to ask your customers for their reviews. But while it sounds simple you need a tool that will automate the review requests so you can spend time running your business. That’s where Valued Input takes care of the work for you.

Generate Hundreds or Thousands of Reviews

When you automate your review requests and collections you will be surprised when you generate hundreds if not thousands of high quality reviews.

Quick Send or Bulk Send

Send a single review request or hundreds of review requests all at once. Email and SMS Text messages are completely customizable and make it easy for customers to give you a review.

Manage Bad Feedback

Route Poor feedback directly to you and take the conversation offline BEFORE the customer writes a bad review. Resolve the problems without the whole world watching. Proactively manage your reputation. Get notified when you recieve a positive or neagative review.

Our Software, Valued Input helps apartment complexes get more reviews. It helps you organize sending out review requests and then directs reviewers to Google,, and up to 40 other review sites that you can define.

With so many apartments coming online every day, potential landlords need increased visibility so potential tenants can find their next home. Valued Input software helps you manage requesting and gathering reviews with a few clicks of the mouse.

Why is important to request and gather positive reviews?

Potential tenants read online reviews, and when it comes time to search for an apartment, they will search on Google. com,, and to determine if a property has any previous reviews and whether they should contact the landlord and request more.

There are countless reasons why you would want to gather more reviews:

Apartment Ratings List Thousands of Apartment Complexes
Scour the internet and you’ll find apartment review websites that list thousands of apartment complexes. However, many of these are hidden or not well promoted.
In addition, there are also numerous apartment listing websites that charge you to advertise your property. Getting a review on these sites can be difficult, and on top of that, there is limited control over when your reviews get posted.

Send Reviewers to the Sites that Matter and

Our software allows you to set up sending the request in 5 minutes or less. We have automated emails and SMS text messages ready for you to send out to your current tenents online at anytime. We help you generate more positive reviews from customers so potential tenants will contact you about renting.

Customer reviews are critical to the success of any business. To gain and maintain customer satisfaction, property owners, management companies and agent all need to build an excellent reputation. The main focus should be on providing a good quality experience for the tenant-the customer.

In addition to receiving reviews, property owners and management companies should try to clear up any problems the tenant may have before the review is published. This can be done by taking the conversation offline.

The same way that Valued Input software can help you manage your reputation, it can also help you manage your reviews. Valued Input will notify you when any potential reviews are posted so you don’t have to monitor multiple review sites at once.

If a person reads a previous negative review on any of your properties, they may not contact a property owner or agent with their concerns until they have already decided they will not rent from you and the process of writing a review begins because of the previous negative experience.